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updated January 16, 2015

The Many Shades of Earl Grey

A love story, not quite like any other, is taking the world by storm.  The movie, inspired and based off the popular book series, comes to theaters on Valentine's Day.  Girls night out at the tearoom never sounded so good!


Mr. Grey
black tea

Inspired by the main character of the book, Mr. Grey features a classic bergamot note alongside sinful notes of chocolate and hints of smoke.  Accented by silver candy balls and red sprinkles with a gentle dose of heather flowers, this tea is the perfect representation of such a mysterious personality.  Mr. Grey will see you now.


Earl Grey Creme de la Creme
black tea

Nothing but the best for our Grey lovers.  Rich and creamy notes float throughout this distinguished version of Earl Grey.


Berree Grey
black tea

Sweet notes of berries collaborate with the citrus of bergamot.


Jazzee Grey
black tea

Mr. Grey certainly makes his presence known in this tea.  The jasmine flowers beautifully compliment the bergamot infusion.


Rubee Grey
black tea

Classic bergamot notes with a twist of hibiscus.  The color alone will sweep you off your feet.


Lei by Earl
black tea

A Hawaiian twist on a classic...with pineapple, coconut and safflowers.


Tango with Earl
black tea

Dance the night away with this blend of bergamot and mango!


English Breakfast Supreme
black tea

Anastasia's favorite.  A classic tea that never goes out of style.


Winter Frolic

Teas to make you want to dance and frolic in the snow!

Aren't these Ice Lanterns gorgeous!?  Scroll down to see how to make them!


Vanilla Chilly Spice
black tea
In need of a temporary heat wave?  Sip on this blend with creamy vanilla and warm chilies!


Hot Chocolate Mint-T
black tea
Picture this:  Friday night, a movie, a cozy blanket and a cup of tea reminiscent of hot chocolate with chocolate drops and peppermint crunch.


Gingerberry Brew
green tea
Sweet and spicy ginger with tart cranberries make a devious duo, but the sparkling sugars sweeten the deal!


Tropical Frost
black tea
Luscious coconut and spearmint together are like a snowy glisten on a palm tree, unique and fascinating!


Mocha Russian
black tea
A take on the classic libation, but chocolate, coffee and accents of cream create a warmth unparalleled!




Homemade Ice Lanterns!

How to create a cozy, winter glow:


Fill 7" balloons with water.

Tie the end of the balloon with a knot.

Place in cup in the freezer or (weather permitting) outside to freeze.

Allow to freeze enough so that you have space for a candle.

When frozen to the creation you wish, cut open the balloon.

Tuck a votive candle in the cavity of the ice lantern.

Enjoy the glow!




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