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updated March 02, 2015

Spring has Sprung!

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 *~St. Pat-tea's Day~*


Pat-tea's Irish Jig

 Top of the mornin' to ya!  Celebrate the luck of the Irish with this bend of milk chocolate, peppermint and fun shamrock sprinkles! 

black tea 


*~April's Fool~*


This is no joke!  A perfect seasonal blend of rooibos, dried fruits and jelly beans.  Quantities are limited and at this price, it won't last! 

rooibos and fruit blend



Spring Teas!


Peanut Butter Egg

Who doesn't love the classic chocolate treat filled with sweet, creamy peanut butter?  This tea is reminiscent of that with chocolate bits and peanut butter candy pieces!

black tea


Lavender Lemon

A brilliant combination of gentle lavender, sweet lemon and creamy white chocolate drops...makes the best iced tea!

fruit blend


Coconut Cream Egg

Decadent chocolate and creamy coconut come together to create a sensation just like the indulgent treat.

black tea


Fruit Cocktail

A mélange of luscious fruits create the perfect infusion for hot or iced tea.

fruit blend



The perfect tea to start the hunt!  The kids will love the juicy strawberry taste with jelly beans!

fruit blend



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